about us


Fanlight, Inc. produces and distributes quality products across North America and throughout the world. We provide extensively market knowledge, competitive pricing, outstanding customer service and consistent levels of inventory to our customers. Our manufacturing capability and product development staff have created a comprehensive line of products enabling Fanlight, Inc. to become a one-stop shop for customers.


NaturaLED was founded in 2009 with the vision of becoming a recognized LED manufacturer throughout the nation when it comes to LED products. NaturaLED has been recognized for our complete LED product line, the high performance, and output. We bring the greatest solutions for your lighting needs to our complete line of indoor lamps & outdoor fixtures. NaturaLED utilizes robust technology that enables us to offer products that are not only reliable but; eco-friendly, longer-life rated, and a significant amount of savings in energy. At NaturaLED, we turn lighting into savings.


GEIP is a subsidiary company & brand of Fanlight Inc, encompassing a wide range of Electrical and Industrial products to support our existing and new business partners. Fanlight Inc has a long history of manufacturing and distribution around the world with strong links to the lighting and electrical industries. We opened our USA division nearly 15 years ago and have experienced substantial growth throughout these aforementioned years providing further opportunities to our numerous customers. We now have 3 distribution centers located in North America statically located to efficiently serve our customers, as customer service is our number 1 priority.