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Posted by Admin on May 2018

LEDs light more baseball venues for 2018 MLB season

Musco Lighting has announced a number of new LED sports-field lighting projects in time for what was the earliest full-league start ever on Mar. 29 to a Major League Baseball (MLB) season. MLB ballparks in Philadelphia, Cincinnati, and Kansas City have new solid-state lighting (SSL) systems for the playing surface that should provide a superior visual experience for players, fans in the stands, and TV viewers at home. Moreover, the Estadio de BĂ©isbol Monterrey will host a three-game May series between the San Diego Padres and the Los Angeles Dodgers under new LED stadium lighting in Monterrey, Mexico.

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Posted by Admin on April 2018

Luminale 2018

Held every two years since 2002, Luminale is a light festival that takes place during Light+Building (March 18-23, 2018) in Frankfurt, Germany, featuring indoor and outdoor light art and urban design installations. This year, Luminale 2018 debuted a new concept dividing 149 projects into five categories: art, solutions, study, community, and better city. (Twenty-six of these installations were located in the nearby city of Offenbach, which has participated with an extension of Luminale since 2008.) Despite cold temperatures, organizers report that approximately 240,000 visitors attended the festival.

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